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Making Shoppers Smile

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After innovating the Great Tasting Wholemeal Loaf, Warburtons needed to persuade retailers to stock it, consumers to try it and shoppers to buy it.

Behavioural science revealed that although mums (consciously) said they would prioritise their families health, in research groups, in reality (subconsciously) whilst shopping, they tended put family pleasure first and needed reassurance kids would eat healthier options.

We developed a Great Big Smile campaign to find the nation’s best smile after tasting the bread, with opportunities to win family holidays subsidised by Centre Parcs, plus runners up prizes at every participating store.

To stretch the budget, we negotiated a range of free toppings with the nation’s favourite brands like Lurpak, to ensure we tingled everyone’s taste buds at the sampling events and demonstrating the loaf’s versatility across a range of meal occasions. This had the desired effect of creating a quality brand halo, by association with the UK’s brand leaders.

We turbo-charged reach, by negotiating free local press coverage, in regional competitions to find the best smile in different local communities. The activity encouraged all the family to vote for their child’s entry at a Great Big Smile competition website and share it online with friends to encourage them to vote too. By linking logical brand benefits of health and taste with pleasurable brand equity, we created a more engaging and memorable experience for shoppers’ families.

Result. Won shoppers’ hearts and minds, smashed the sales target by 16%.
Over a quarter of a million samples distributed.
Experiential exposure to over 13,000,000 shoppers +
4,300,000 additional OTS, via local press.
Galvanised Warburtons distribution
Multiple retailers increased footfall and generated fantastic PR with local communities.

Reinventing The British Lunch

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Crosse & Blackwell needed to get onto shopper radars, in a category dominated by Heinz and persuade retailers that the new ‘kid on the block’, could build soup category sales, to encourage retail stocking and visibility.

We created a Great British Giveaway, focusing on the lunchtime convenience of soup, as a hearty alternative to sandwiches in cold weather. We propagated the message to potential shoppers on their path to purchase; at home, on the go, in store and at work.

At the heart of the trial generating activity, was a program of in-store sampling supported by scratch cards, to engage shoppers by giving them a chance to get their hands on branded microwaveable soup mugs instantly. We also designed and implemented a digital ‘winning moments’ brand experience, on mobile optimised websites, including social media share buttons for winners, plus magazine advertising and point of sale.

The websites were fun and interactive, they took participants on an engaging brand journey, highlighting key messages to the captive audience, whilst they waited to see if they had landed on a lucky winning moment and won a prize.

To heighten excitement, the website had a newsreel, featuring real time winners’ names and allowed losers to try again, educating them with a different range of brand messages each time, to build equity and salience.

Result: Broke a company record with almost half a million entries in the first year alone.
Over three quarters of a million entries were achieved across two years.
The mobile optimised websites engaged participants with animated brand messages for an average of four minutes.
Crosse & Blackwell hit targets and enhanced value to the category, by attracting incremental sales from a younger shopper profile.
Remarkably there were no disgruntled entrant complaints at the close, boosting on line brand sentiment.

How Posh Are You?

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Although Branston Beans taste scored very well in blind tests against the market leader, the brand perception was stagnating, following years of inconsistent messaging.

Trying to secure visibility and trial, in the shadow of Heinz’s heavy weight investment in marketing, was proving difficult on a low budget.

Shoppers had developed entrenched ‘grab and go’ purchase habits that were hard to change at fixture.

The brief was to build upon Branston’s above the line work, featuring a butler serving beans to underpin the superior quality message.

We devised a tongue in cheek campaign by developing the brand’s strapline ‘Seriously Rich Taste’ into an on-pack promotion, in store activation and on-line engagement, to win a butler and other ‘posh’ prizes.

The social media support was designed to stimulate on line engagement and shares, to make Branston salient with young families and students. It consisted of a series of amusing multiple choice dining scenarios where participants would be asked to choose ‘the right social thing to do’ to avoid funny social faux-pas. Correct answers could win ‘seriously rich’ price discounts. We proposed an up-weight in Morrisons with an opportunity to win Amazon Echo’s that could be programmed to answer to Jeeves instead of Alexa. Plus an option to request a mini sample can, direct to home, via Amazon’s distribution network.

The fun creative theme was designed to disrupt the category norms, break through auto pilot shopping habits and resonate as a contemporary choice, with an increasingly sophisticated, digitally savvy shopper.

Unfortunately due to change in brand ATL strategy the campaign was shelved, but we thought the potential in light of the Morrison’s partnership with Amazon was enormous!

Transforming Christmas

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The Crisp ‘n Dry brand had lost its sparkle, following years of under investment. It’s USP was based around its transformative ability to turn good food into great crisp food, via its high burn point.

We were tasked with “owning” the oil category at one of the UK’s most important family meals of the year and getting shoppers to upgrade from cheaper competitors, by driving home its USP and adding tangible and emotional value into the brand, to offset its premium price point.

Our idea offered Crisp ‘n Dry customers, the chance to transform Christmas ‘from good to great’ on pack, in store and on-line, at a time when shoppers were most interested in perfecting celebratory meals.

We researched shoppers who felt that the pleasure of Christmas shopping was enhanced when there are no money worries.

A campaign based around the big brand idea of transformation was developed, offering cash rewards to transform Christmas.

To grab attention at point of purchase we transformed the promotional bottle lids to a Christmassy green colour

To generate excitement, we leveraged the nation’s hope that it would snow on Christmas Day, by offering a chance to double your money if it did. The promotional website featured animated images of Christmas transformation through an icy window and a countdown to the big day, was linked to the national weather stations.

Result: The highest response to any Crisp ‘n Dry brand promotion. Increased market share from 12% to a whopping 14% and built the brands emotional engagement with its target shopper to create loyalty post promotion.

Drink in the Great Outdoors

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We distilled Aqua Pura’s source - the beautiful Lake District, into our activation campaign. The brand wanted to extend its appeal to young families. Insight revealed a large proportion of target Mums hoped to inspire their families to spend more time outdoors, during the long summer holidays.

We designed a campaign to inspire the whole family to “drink in the great outdoors” with opportunities to sleep under the stars, watch the sunrise or listen to mesmerising patter of rain, whilst taking in the vistas of the great outdoors, in the comfort of a luxury bubble tent.

A text to win on pack promotion was designed, for ‘on the go’ consumers to win luxury bubble tents and the latest Go Pro adventure cameras for kids.

We sourced a manufacturer that produced tents made from recycled plastic bottles, that would help soak up landfill waste.

The campaign was devised to not only increase visibility and sales but drive home Aqua Pura’s British provenance.

It transpired that the bubble tent would make a great option for a family break, during the Covid-19 outbreak. However the activity has been put on hold.

Stir It Up

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Following the takeover of Jamaica’s iconic brewery Desnoes & Geddes, Guinness needed cost-effective marketing and promotional solutions, to get local trade and consumers quickly on side and defend against competitive brands entering their territory.

A strategic programme of focus clusters and priority push periods were identified, forming the basis of a series of easy to implement promotional events across Guinness and the D&G portfolio of brands.

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide, enabled field sales staff to run the brand activations which were designed to be secure, simple and cost effective.

The creative work and incentives were geared around real Jamaican life and included a partnership with radio station Irie FM and live music events to increase scale and reach.

Results: Sales volume rocketed to 800% increases and blocked new market entrant Carib from an effective launch in the territory.
The campaign was featured in both Guinness and D&G newsletters as a “case study of excellence” and the campaign was rolled out across Caribbean and Latin America

Make Mums’ Day

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Asda wanted to be first for mums and celebrate their special importance on Mother’s Day.

Research showed that mums wanted something hand-crafted from the kids, less chores and more ‘me time’

We developed a program of activity sponsored by Proctor & Gamble, to activate sales in store and reward mums’ loyalty to Asda.

This included ‘random acts of kindness/giving away branded ‘favour cheque-books’ in store, to coax families into making mums day extra special, by giving her written promises for favours such as breakfast in bed, a day off cooking and cleaning etc.

To surprise and delight Asda customers, we gave away packs of free spring bulbs to the youngest children. The packs had a blank gift header, kids could colour in and personalise with their own heartfelt messages and drawings.

As the bulbs grew into beautiful spring flowers, mums were reminded how much they are loved by their kids and how much their custom is valued by Asda.

Result: We made Asda mums’ day and the sales and customer satisfaction increased year-on-year. P&G pampering packs flew off shelves and helped galvanise their strategic partnership with Asda.

Educating The Nation

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Shoppers were not aware of the benefits of choosing a repertoire of cooking oils and the information available on the web was often misleading, so increasing sales for category captains Edible Oils Ltd was a big ask, on a low budget.

We collaborated with the healthy eating adviser at the Department of Health, then designed and built an educational website linked to the government’s Eat Well advice.

We added helpful content, such as user-friendly charts and contemporary recipes to help both home cooks and professional chefs choose the right oil for the culinary task. This encouraged people to buy a repertoire of suitable oils and demonstrated how oil could be beneficial to health, when used properly.

By commissioning ‘appetite appeal’ photography we showcased the taste benefits of cooking with the right oil across a variety of recipes. Awareness of the website was spread across the UK with targeted social media advertising.

Result: The website has helped to grow category sales for EOL and its retail customers. Importantly it has helped show the nation how to use the right oil effectively, to improve health and cooking. It continues to be a trusted and reliable source of information on the internet many years later.

Tesco Clean Up

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Tesco wanted to take on the brand leader Andrex and increase market share.

We designed and implemented an in-store touch test, so shoppers could see for themselves how Tesco Luxury Soft toilet tissue was as strong, as long and as soft as Andrex.

To activate sales in store we distributed coupons to encourage shoppers to switch and try Tesco’s cheaper brand for themselves.

The activity was repeated three times in the year to ensure it reached many shoppers as possible in their purchase cycle.

Result: Tesco’s own label flew of shelves and won 40% share of total of loo purchases in Tesco, becoming the UK’s second best-selling loo roll.